Between the total of facts in my life and the sum of my works doesn’t exist a bijective function

Cristina David

20.01.2016 – 24.03.2016

We invite you on Wednesday 20th January 2016, 7 pm, to the opening of the exhibition Between the total of facts in my life and the sum of my works doesn’t exist a bijective function, Cristina David’s second solo show at Ivan Gallery. Between 7-9 pm the Workout performance will take place.
In mathematics, a function is bijective if it’s at the same time injective and surjective. It can be described by the formula: f : A →B is bijection ⇔ ∀ y ∈ B, ∃! x ∈ A so that f(x) = y, which means that each element from set B has an unique correspondent in set A, and vice-versa.
The function is a relationship that connects sets of elements. For example, one takes two sets, infinite on an abstract level, but finite in time and space on an individual one: the art and life of an artist. Those inside the artistic field (the artists themselves, the art critics, historians or theorists) as well as those outside it (the public) have imagined throughout time functions that can be established between these two sets, as general frames or individualised versions from case to case. At present, this function’s domain and codomain tend to overlap and equal one another, but they have been engaged in causal relationships – when the voyeur public or some artist’s exegete extracted significant biographical data and turned it into artistic mythologies – or in a state of collaboration and interdependence, when 20th century’s avant-gardes or neoavant-gardes tried to remove the limits between art and life and generate only bijective functions for the two fields’ elements (or to blow up the sets, the system and their “mathematics” altogether).
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