Common Place

Dan Măciucă

18.11.2011 – 19.12.2011

Ivan Gallery is pleased to invite you Friday, November 18th, to the opening of the exhibition ‘Common Place’ of Dan Măciucă (n. 1979, Craiova, lives and works in Cluj).

“The paintings give thought to the abandonment of natural comfort, in favour of technological outlooks of major interest, also perceived as an apparent paradoxical situation of human condition and of existential dependencies.
The concept is focused on shape’s destructive and deconstructive pulsional instinct. Thus, the real subject is distorted by pictorial persuasion, identifying itself with the chromatic mass density hallmarked by the operative violence, which aims at sculptural means of exploiting the painting resembling a basrelief, modeling the surface helped by large quantities of color and dismounting in this way the visual illusion of realness.” Dan Măciucă

This is Dan Măciucă’s first solo show at Ivan Gallery, after participating in 2009 to the group exhibition ‘Unusual Suspects’.

The exhibition remains open until December 19th and can be visited Wednesday-Saturday between 14-19.