Cover Your Ears and You Will Hear Fire

Dragoș Bădiță

04.06.2011 – 31.07.2011

The exhibition starts from the idea that we, as human bengs, were formed and lived, for tens of thousands of years, a good deal of our time gathered together, staring at something so mysterious as fire, that hypnotizes and feeds the imagination. It has a dual nature: it protects us from the hostile universe around us, from frost and beasts, but it is also wild and destructive. Fire is profoundly metaphysical: it is in fact the only element that makes the nothing visible, burning things until they disappear into nothingness; hinting, maybe, at something beyond them. I think here may lay the origin of the “numinous feeling”, of the sacred: a community gathered around something that is beyond understanding, terrifying and capricious, but nevertheless something that makes life possible and protects it. 

Dragos Badita