Do the Mountains Know?

project by Mircea Nicolae

15.12.2017 – 31.01.2018

We are delighted to invite you Friday 15th December, 7 pm, to the opening of the exhibition Do the Mountains Know?, a project curated by Mircea Nicolae and hosted by Ivan Gallery.
Do the Mountains Know? is a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the artists Ion Râmnic and István Mihály. The two artists from Târgu Mureș are from the ‘70s generation and have been shaped around the scene brought together by the MAMÜ group, without being actually part of the group itself. Their artistic endeavour focuses on issues related to identity, citizenship and sexual freedom. Because of the ephemeral and somewhat immaterial nature of their works and due to their total lack of interest in being present on the public, cultural or commercial scene, their artistic practice was left mostly unknown, a fact that this succinct retrospective exhibition aims to remedy. In the present socio-cultural context, Mircea Nicolae considers an urgent matter reintroducing Râmnic and Mihály’s work in the local and national cultural circuit.
Conceived after an artistic residence at B5 Studio Târgu Mureș in August 2017, when Mircea Nicolae made contact and worked with the archive documenting ARTeast Foundation/B5 Studio’s 17 years of activity as well as that of the groups and institutions preceding its existence since 1991, the project Do the Mountains Know? has been initially exhibited at B5 Studio, then in the group show In Situ 2, part of the Art Encounters 2017 biennale, Misc., to travel at present at Magma Contemporary Art Medium, Sfântu-Gheorghe, Romania.
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