Femina Subtetrix

Larisa Crunțeanu & Sonja Hornung

10.09.2015 – 12.10.2015

Curator: Xandra Popescu

Opening: 10th of September, 7 PM
The latin term immurare designates a form of seclusion in which a person is walled into an enclosed space. The word is formed from im (in) and murus (wall). An immurement leaves no trace except a smooth space, an invisible hollow – a wall too thick, one window fewer, the mortar too seamlessly laid. Shorn of proof, the hidden body passes into the form of a legend or a speculation that marks the place: “this is the spot where…” – “her ghost still can be heard”. Immurement involves the smoothing over of space, folding suffering out of visibility and into the hidden depths of matter.

To strengthen against cracking in extreme weather conditions, early forms of cement often contained organic compounds such as animal fat, horse hair, milk, oxen blood, rice, boiled banana and eggs. The origin of every edifice was organic and half -­ if not completely forgotten in the permanent amnesia of progress.

This speaks of a nexus between the materials of progress (concrete, bricks and machines) and its origin (labour) – a nexus situated between myth and material itself.
Larisa Crunţeanu and Sonja Hornung began working together in 2015 on and around a wasteland opposite the factory once known as APACA.
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