Game of Forms

Geta Brătescu

21.04.2014 – 15.06.2014

Ivan Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the Geta Brătescu’s The Game of Forms show, within which collages made between 2010-2014 will be exhibited. The event will take place on Friday, May 22 at 7:00 p.m.

Geta Brătescu cuts out of the world obstinately, in a symbolic manner, parts which she makes hers. She discriminates them – which may be assumed as a mental operation –, she designates and circumscribes them. In other words, she „draws” them. In this particular case „drawing” must be understood in its original, early modern meaning, which is Leon Battista Alberti’s concept of disegno, that implies manual as well as cognitive processes. Geta Brătescu speaks about „drawing with scissors” when relating to this process of relentless working together of the hands and the mind, the parings of which are comprised by The Game of Forms series.
These drawings, which are sometimes made eyes closed, are the trace left behind the frolic of my hands; sometimes they represent the trace of the cursive paths which the paper imposes and at the same time they require each other. With a marker pen or with the scissors, the hand makes its game under the observation of the cerebral eye or the way it likes it. My unsubordinate hand wants to ramble freely, accepting only one opinion, that which is provided by the imagination, by the interior eye of the mind. (Geta Brătescu)

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Geta Brătescu (b. 1926, Ploieşti) lives and work in Bucharest. In recent years her work was present in many exhibitions as Venice Biennale (2013), Istanbul Biennale (2011), Paris Triennial (2012). In 2012 at Salonul de Proiecte (Bucharest) a solo show entitled Atelierele artistului / Artist’s Studios (curator Magda Radu) was organized, followed by its presentation at MUSAC León. Geta Brătescu’s works can be found in collections such as MNAC, (Bucharest), MoMA (New York), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Tate Modern (London), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), MUMOK (Vienna), Moderna Galerija (Ljubljana) and FRAC (Lorraine).

Supported by: Moritz Eis.

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