Gates and Ploys. Casting A Shadow

Ștefan Sava, Ion Grigorescu


We are delighted to invite you on Tuesday, 5th of June, starting 7 pm, to the opening of the exhibition “Gates and Ploys. Casting A Shadow”, a collaborative project between Ștefan Sava and Ion Grigorescu.
“I invited Ion Grigorescu at the beginning of 2017 to a dialogue on the subject of corporeal bodies. If in the beginning, the range of my personal reflection was focused rather on the iconographical representation specific to medieval manuscripts, marked by vernacularity and by marginal elements that escape a forward interpretation, our mutual interests have evolved towards a concurrent, somewhat clinical exploration of our own anxieties. A military surgical table from ‘30s Europe becomes a projective surface on which the shadows of the absent, repaired or missing body are cast upon. In equal way, an object of this kind placed me – under Ion Grigorescu’s guidance – in the area of (Michel Carrouges’s) “celibatarian machines”, which are mechanisms with a life of their own, to which the difference between death and immortality, movement and suspension of movement becomes irrelevant (through coexistence). Modernity and hypermodernity likewise become cultural contexts appropriated and contested from rather visceral perspectives, marked by falls in anonymity and by the constant exploration of the internal limits and mechanisms of the human body. Grigorescu’s ‘Gates’ are physical thresholds of his own body that he passes with both irony and curiosity: in some cases he feels tricked by them, fooled, other times he takes hold of these personal ‘errors’ and governs them again from cultural stands. The outcome is a bold exhibition in which the dialogue between generations is rendered through a puzzle of fragments and sighs.”
(Ștefan Sava)
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