Invocation of the Drawing

Geta Brătescu

16.10.2015 – 09.01.2016

Opening: 16.10.2015, 7 pm
The exhibition is structured on two different chapters connected through the practice of drawing. For Geta Brătescu drawing is a language complementary to writing, a mental activity at the bottom of every formal or spatial embodiment of her various artistic paths: collage, etching, tapestry, object, photography, experimental film, video or performance. Moreover, the title of the exhibition is based on the subtitle of the 1979 photographic collage The Studio, endorsing the strong bond between drawing, its space of creation – the studio – and its adjacent artistic process.
Geta Brătescu uses drawing in an “expanded field”, with experiments, exercises and results that each time access a new, still unexplored area, through academic drawing, by model, through automatic drawing, “with the eyes closed”, through “drawing with scissors”, in collage, or in serial, geometric drawing. The line is the generative and constitutive element of this language, the fold, the intersection of the abstract and the real planes:
Everything the painter or the sculptor accomplishes in the concreteness of matter, the plastic image, I am called upon to achieve through the adventures of the line; solely the line creating space and expression, not the line of the scholastic drawing, but the line that writes, driven by a I-don’t-know-what-kind of mental, imaginative energy. Therefore these drawings, without any historical or biographical (autobiographical) connotations, naturally place themselves inside the mythological universe of all times. (Geta Brătescu)
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