Movements at an Exhibition and Borderlines

Manuel Pelmuș

18.04.2018, 8 pm

Double lecture performance by Manuel Pelmuș to be held at two different venues simultaneously: Salonul de proiecte and Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

Wednesday, April 18, 8 pm
Salonul de proiecte, Tipografia Universul, 1st floor, Ion Brezoianu 23-25 
Ivan Gallery, Dimitrie Grecescu 13

In the lecture performance Movements at an Exhibition and Borderlines Manuel Pelmuș reflects on the “performance turn” in contemporary art, on the experience economy, the mechanisms of value production, the strategies of disappearance, and the politics of visibility in our media-saturated society. His discourse in structured according to the limits entailed by the physical body. To be more precise, the limits between live performance and audio installation here become increasingly porous. The hierarchy of the senses undergoes a process of alteration: hearing supersedes vision. Different versions of this performance recently took place in Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Düsseldorf, and Zagreb. It will be held in English.

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