Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor

b.1982, London, UK
Lives and works in London

Ross Taylor graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2008 and was the Abbey Scholar in Painting, The British School at Rome, 2015 - 2016. Recent exhibitions include “Teeth Where Fingernails Should Be” (Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, 2017), “Outpost” (CAVES, Melbourne, 2017), “Ex Roma IV” (APT, London, 2017), “RIN” (Kunsthalle Vaxjo, Smaland, 2016), “June Mostra” (The British School at Rome, Rome, 2016) and “A Bestiary” (Turf, London, 2016). Co-founder of Mrs Paterson’s Press and co-editor of Neru Phuyt with his brother Jordan, he has also written for publications such as Royale F!%ks and Control Magazine.

Ross Taylor’s works reveals the artist and his inner world of personal stories and fictional characters, developed in time in the realm of the studio. His painterly work is essentially studio-based, the studio thus being a special and ordinary place, a fabulous cave which feeds and consumes at the same time the artist’s work: “A sanctuary to pick and scratch, wait and stare, to let your attentions be removed from the matter at hand. But this is incredibly important, because maybe then, and only then, a painting might begin to ‘happen’.” Taylor creates his paintings, cut-outs and installations through a long process of drawing, painting, scratching, piercing and cutting the surface of what later on become to be ‘abused’ objects with thick layers and multiple narratives.

Ross Taylor, "Self portrait with hair and toothache", 2015-2017, oil paint, oil pastel and pencil on linen, 40.5 x 30.5 cm, photo credits: Ben Westoby
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2015-2016 – British School in Rome, Rome (Abbey Scholar in Painting)
2006-2008 – Royal College of Art, London (MFA in Painting)
2002-2005 – Winchester School of Art, Hampshire (BFA in Painting)
2001-2002 – Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (Foundation, Fine Art)

Solo exhibitions

2017 – Teeth Where Fingernails Should Be (Ivan Gallery, Bucharest)
2013 – Bunker Bar Christening (ANDOR, London)
2011 – School Play (Kingsgate Gallery, London)
2010 – Haze Moods (Supplement, London)

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