Simona Runcan

Simona Runcan

b. 1942, Bucharest - d. 2007, Bucharest, Romania

Simona Runcan studied at the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Fine Arts Institute (today’s National University of Arts) in Bucharest, where she graduated in 1966 from the Graphics Department and where she lectured after 1989 inside the Fashion Design and Art Pedagogy Departments. Her graphic works, objects, paintings and installations explore in a processual, serial and cyclic manner various themes and working means, from the ‘60s-‘80s experimental, conceptualist graphics to the more tradition-oriented painterly approach which she embraced after 1990. They have been shown in national and international solo and group shows in Europe and South America, in Engraving Biennials in Paris, Prague or Oslo, among others. In 2016 the “Palatele Brâncovenești” Cultural Centre (Mogoșoaia, Romania), showcased an extensive retrospective exhibition with a joint monographic publication.

Simona Runcan, "Conviețuiri silențioase [Silent Cohabitations], 1988-1999, oil on canvas, installation view Ivan Gallery, 2018, photo credits: Cătălin Georgescu
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1960-1966 – “Nicolae Grigorescu” Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest, Monumental Painting Department, Graphics Department 

Solo shows:

2018 – Conviețuiri silențioase / Silent Cohabitations (Ivan Gallery, Bucharest)
2016 – Prezenţa obiectelor / The Presence of Objects (Ivan Gallery, Bucharest)
2016 – Simona Runcan. Retrospective (“Palatele Brâncovenești” Cultural Centre in Mogoșoaia, Romania)
2003 – Interior, icoane, înclinări / Interior, Icons, Inclinations (The Art Museum in Cluj, Romania; UAP Gallery, Bistrița); Lazăr în așteptare / Awaiting Lazarus (The Evangelical Church in Herina, Romania)
1999 – Interior, icoane, înclinări / Interior, Icons, Inclinations (Etaj 3/4 Gallery, Bucharest)
1994 – Lazăr în așteptare / Awaiting Lazarus (Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest)
1986 – Naturi moarte / Still-lives (Simeza Gallery, Bucharest)
1979 – Legile echilibrului / The Principles of Equilibrium (Simeza Gallery, Bucharest)
1978 – Exhibition at Crème fraîche Gallery (Birkerød, Danemark)Exhibition at Charlottenborg udstillingen Gallery (Copenhagen, Danemark)
1972 – Exhibition at Apollo Gallery (Bucharest, with Eva Suto & Nicolae Roșu)

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