The Staging of an Exhibition

Mădălina Zaharia

08.07.2016 – 10.09.2016

We are delighted to invite you to Mădălina Zaharia’s first Romanian solo show, “The Staging of An Exhibition”, opening on Friday, 8 July, starting 7 PM.


noun | \’plan\

1  : a drawing or diagram drawn on a plane: as

    a: a top or horizontal view of an object

    b: a large-scale map of a building

2  a: a method for achieving an end 

     b: an often customary method of doing something: procedure

     c:  a detailed formulation of a program of action

3   : an orderly arrangement of parts of an overall design or objective

4   : a detailed program

The exhibition takes as its starting point two very different and contrasting representations of the gallery space, the architectural blueprint of the building and a hand-made sketch of the upper floor, in order to orchestrate and articulate a very abstract and self-reflective theatrical set. Drawing on the Brechtian belief that a play is never reality itself but rather a mere representation of it, the show takes the form of a patterned and ever-fluid scenario in which white walls become lines, lines become objects and objects become images adorning the white walls. In this sense, the works on display act as a very personal and affectionate description of the space and its habitual function, challenging its theatrical potential while constantly replacing reality with imagination. 
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